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MENA ICT Forum Jordan 2018

While recently the Indonesian rupiah weakened, it can actually be an opportunity for entrepreneurs from Indonesia to export their products abroad. Unfortunately not many local entrepreneur know where to export their products.

Arsia Global Solusi, an Indonesian startup company see that as an opportunity. Since the very beginning of its presence, Arsia has positioned itself as a connecting hub for Indonesian businesses with its counterparts in Arab countries. ‘Arsia’ itself stands for ‘Arab and Asia’.

“We see the business potential between Indonesian businessmen and entrepreneurs in the Arab countries is very huge. However, due to lack of information, this opportunities can not be optimized. We want to be a bridging solution so that demand and supply between the two can be met,” said Mohammad Sharif Alaydrus, Founder of Arsia Global Solutions, told ArsiaNews, Monday, July 30, 2018.

Sharif even expressed Arsia’s ambition to be the center for a wider region; between the Middle East and North Africa region with Indonesia and Southeast Asian countries. In fact, Sharif explains, historically the relationship between the two sides has been established since hundreds of years ago.

One of Arsia’s important event this year, Sharif said, is to bring together several local business partners in to the Middle East and North Africa Information & Communication Technology (MENA ICT) Forum 2018, to be held in Amman Jordan next September 10-11.

Arsia Cofee Meetup - Arsia

coffee meeting socialized MENA ICT Forum 2018

Wednesday, July 26, Arsia held a coffee meeting to socialize MENA ICT 2018 to several Indonesian businessmen. Arsia also became the Official Representative of Communication & Information Association – Jordan (INTAJ).

There are some Indonesian IT companies, will participate in MENA ICT Forum 2018. Among them are wellknown in IT industry, such Agiel Baabud (President Director at Baseline Communicate/ BC Track) and Muhaimin Iqbal (Founder & Chairman of iGrow Resource Indonesia), Prima Garda Teknologi (Total IT Solutions), and Dataspark (Analytic Software).

Not only bringing Indonesian entrepreneurs and Middle Eastern entrepreneurs into the official arena, Arsia also brings together local and the Middle East entrepreneurs through digital platforms: trading platform, business and technology information, and travel and tourism platform.

Trade and tourism are undoubtedly very important sectors. The trade value between Indonesia -Saudi Arabia only, reached Rp 124 trillion in 2018. Imagine if trade relations can also be developed to other Arab and African countries.

While in the tourism sector, Indonesia is now ranked fourth as a halal tourist destination of the world. Indonesia absorbed the consumption of about Rp 141 trillion. Last not but least, Information technology is the key for Indonesia and Middle East countries to be able keeping the pace toward the digital economy in the future.

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