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Dubai’s Unmanned Flying Taxi Dream is Getting Closer to Reality



Viana Global Volocopter ArsiaNews

Dubai’s dream to implement unmanned air transportation system, achieved a good progress, after the Global Vimana had conducted a prototype experiment of the Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) on the city.

As reported by Logistics Middle East, Vimana Global’s Founder and CEO Evgeni Borizov said that his company had coordinated with local authorities to prepare for the launch of the smart vehicle in 2020.

“We are at the starting point of mutual collaboration including feasibility studies with local authorities in Dubai to undertake and deploy platform blockchain aerospace prior to its launch in 2020 here and in some other cities,” said Evgeni Borisov.

Vimana Global is a US firm that will operate the AAV taxi service in Dubai. The smart vehicle was developed by a German drone developer Volocopter.

Volocpter is a driverless that can transport people or logistics without human intervention. With the application of blockchain, this vehicle is designed to be able to communicate with other unit to determine the safest and most efficient route.

According to Borisov, the AAV will be accompanied with logistics applications and urban flying taxi applications.

“Cargo delivery is a major potential sector for this in Dubai, that’s why we are developing the cargo prototype for use in select destinations. It’s going to take some time, I see it being deployed in this role within the next five years, “he explained.

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