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Jordan’s Mawdoo3 Develops Arabic Version of SIRI




The Arabic encyclopedia website Mawdoo3 has raised US$13.5 million in its Series B round. The investment is led by Kingsway with Endure Capital participation.

Jordanian-based Mawdoo3 – often dubbed as Wikipedia of the Arab world- has been drawn more than 45 million unique users per month. Making it as the most visited Arabic website.

The site has about 150,000 entries covering many topics such as health, food, education, sport, and Islam. Mawdoo3 run at a fast pace. The content growth is equivalent to two novels published on the platform every day.

“Our success is a result of the trust built over the past six years with our users, which is a motivation for us for an even greater impact in the coming years as we expand our content and the channels through which we deliver that content to the Arabic-speaking world online,” said Mawdoo3 co-founder and CEO Rami Al-Qawasmi.

Mawdoo3 will use the investment to expand its content and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The company will develop the Arabic version of Siri or Alexa which presence in the answer and question format.

The AI system which called ‘Salma’, will use Arabic voice interface service for businesses within the scope of travel, automobile, telecom, and electronics sectors. It allows a user to interact with the businesses via Salma.

Al-Qawasmi added the site has the goal of enriching the Arabic content available online. Recently Arabic only constitutes 1%, while there’s about 5% Arabic speaking online user globally (around 420 million).

“Our mission is to change that and build on our strong position as the most visited daily Arabic website in the world today,” Al-Qawasmi said.

The Mawdoo3 ambition has the strong baseline. The recent study conducted by a middle east-based digital marketing consultant firm underlined the importance of bringing more Arabic language content online to anticipate the increasing number of Arab speaking online audience.

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