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Kalashnikov Wants to be Tesla Competitor



kalashnikov electric car ArsianNewss

Russian weapons producer Kalashnikov was inspired by Tesla’s success and began introducing its electric car product.

Kalashnikov, which is popular with its AK-47 weapons, showed off a prototype of an electric car called CV-1, at a defense exhibition held in an area near Moscow last week.

CV-1 took a retro shape, inspired by the Izh-Kombi car design that had come out in the 1970s. But the old school-taste car is equipped with several sophisticated elements such as the revolutionary inverter.

“We are developing our own concept of electric supercar, which is based on several original systems developed by the concern,” the company said, quoted by Arabnews.

Kalashnikov is optimistic and told RIA-Novosti that this electric car will position their company as a global electric car maker and make them as a competitor of Tesla.

Igorek kalashnikov ArsiaNews

Kalashnikov’s robot named Igorek (Young Igor)

Kalashnikov has long tried to expand its brand with several civil products, ranging from cellphone covers, umbrellas, to clothing. However, the company also introducing its products in the robotics field.

Recently Kalashnikov introduced a bipedal robot called Igorek. This robot is claimed to be able to do engineering tasks as well as combat tasks.

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