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SweetEscape Secured US$1M Seed Funding



Indonesian startup SweetEscape announced US $ 1 million seed funding from East Ventures, Skystar Capital and GDP Venture in 2017.

The startup which focused in on-demand photography used the funding to support their expansion into the Philippines. This marked their first step to the international market.

SweetEscape founder and COO Emile Etienne said that his startup would continue to invest in product development. In the Philippines, SweetEscape has established the local team and partnered with several well-known brands, including Citibank.

“When we first started, we only have Indonesian clients and now, 45 per cent of our clients are international, coming from Asia and US,” said SweetEscape Founder and CEO David Soong.

SweetEscape was founded in 2016. They offer a booking platform that allows travelers to order freelance photography at their destination.

In addition, SweetEscape also provides photography services for various other purposes, such as pre-wedding or family photography.

Soong added, from the beginning, SweetEscape’s goal was to become a global company. According to him, the need for professional photographers is a global.

Now, SweetEscape has a network of 2000 freelance photographers from 100 countries, with tens of thousands of clients from all over the world.

The platform is not only connecting freelance photographers with their clients. SweeetEscape users can also download edited photos through their web and mobile applications.

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