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The Museum of the Future Collaborates with 15 Partners



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The Museum of the Future of United Arab Emirates (UAE) embraces 15 companies from around the world to help them utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) technology to gain unique experiences to the museum.

According to the CEO of Dubai Future Foundation Khalfan Belhoul, they really want to present a world class experience for museum visitors.

They invited world companies from the US, China, UK, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, China and also from the UAE. Its official statement said, the museum has begun a four-week acceleration program to achieve this goal.

The strategic partners included are Huawei, HTC, DigiComm, Holotronica, POPIQ, Art Processors, SENSOREE, Layers of Reality, IDENTIGY, Unified Inbox, SNIPS, MetaVRse, SPACES, IT-Serve and Axeon360.

“We are happy to welcome all the shortlisted companies to enrich the experience of the Museum of the Future. Through their expertise, we believe these companies will create solutions that will create remarkable experiences for all visitors,” said Noah Raford, acting executive director of the Museum of the Future.

The museum located in Dubai, is planned to open in late 2019. As the name implies, this museum will not showcase historical artifacts, instead becoming a platform for future incubators of innovation and design.

The museum will showcase a variety of technological prototypes and cutting-edge inventions, home to a variety of innovation events, theater, classrooms, and labs for innovative industry leaders.

Designed by Killa Design, this museum considered as one of the most complex structures. It uses techniques that borrows the aviation industry in presenting its exterior, using 890 joint-free stainless steel and fiberglass panels .

The museum seems like an eye keeping watch over the whole part of city. According to the designer of this building, the shape symbolizes earth and sky, while the empty middle part represents the unknown.

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