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Go-Jek Invested in Najwa Shihab’s Media Startup



Narasi TV Arsianews

Go-Jek through its venture arm Go-Ventures reportedly invested in media startup Narasi TV. However, it is not known how much the investment value of Go-Jek is on the digital TV.

Narasi TV is a digital media founded by popular TV anchor famous for Mata Najwa program, Najwa Shihab, along with two other co-founders.

To the women’s magazine Femina, Najwa told that the Narasi TV team has now 100 staff. Narasi TV presents various programs containing Mata Najwa’s talk show, as well as various video content featuring famous artists such as Tompi, Glenn Fredly, and others.

Either Go-Jek or Narasi TV is not available to confirm this report. However we can found Go-jek banner in the bottom of Narasi TV front page. Digital media, which will involve more of the community, is planned to be officially launched at the end of this year.

Previously, Go-Jek through Go-Ventures also invested in online media Kumparan in early September. Besides TV Coils and Narration, Go-Ventures has also invested in PasarPolis insurance startups and Promogo advertising startups.

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