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Indonesia Leads the AI Implementation in Business: Survey



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Indonesian companies are leading in terms of implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in their businesses. This was revealed in a recent survey on AI in the Asia Pacific region which was conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Appier.

The study ‘Artificial Intelligence Is Critical to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Asia-Pacific, revealed that Indonesia is in the top rank in terms of AI implementation.

The survey said, as many as 65% of respondents from Indonesia claimed that they had implemented AI in their company, even they are developing or improving their AI capacity.

Following in second and third place are China (63%) and India (62%). These three countries top several more advanced economic countries such as South Korea (57%), Singapore (50%), Japan (47%), and Taiwan (44%).

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The majority of respondents surveyed said that the application of AI aims to improve business efficiency in their company (71%). 62% of respondents expect an increase in products or services, 53% aim to simplify business operations and increase risk predictions.

While 55% of them expect AI could be used to predict the consumer behavior to get increased sales. 54% want AI to help get the consumer insight to get the agility and business adaptation.


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The smaller companies ( US$ 50 – US$ 100 revenue ) focus more on applying AI to get the ability to anticipate the market response. As for the larger companies ( US$ 100 – more ) prioritize AI for product and service development.

The goal of the company in the IT / Telecom field towards AI is to better understand the market. While the companies in the BFSI sector are to understand customer behavior. The purpose of retail companies is more to increase their product development capabilities.


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What’s interesting from the study, the majority of companies are not interested in developing the core capabilities of AI. 63% of respondents said they did not invest in AI-specific technical domains, such as computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition and synthesis, and text mining.

60% of them also do not invest in AI for enterprise applications, such as chatbot, robot customer service, automation of robotic processes, media monitoring, and social surveillance.

The survey itself is carried out by AI platform providers, Appier, on 260 companies and IT leaders involved in the decision-making process in the application of AI technology. The study was conducted in Indonesia, Australia, India, China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

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