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Indonesian ICT Companies Debut in MENA ICT Forum



arsianews MENA ict forum

Several Indonesian technology companies exhibit in the Middle East & North Africa Information & Communication Technology (MENA ICT) Forum 2018 held September 10-11 2018.

The participation of the Indonesian delegation at the MENA ICT 2018 Forum became very special because this was the first Indonesian delegation to attend this event.

The Indonesian delegation is also the only delegation from Asia present at the forum which is one of the largest regional forums in the field of ICT.

“I am proud that the Indonesian delegation attended the MENA ICT Forum 2018 event, even this is the only Asian participant in the regional event specifically for the Middle East and North African companies,” said Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Jordan and Palestine, Andy Rachmianto to Arsianews.

Andy hoped that the participation of the Indonesian delegation would be a valuable advantage for Indonesian ICT companies to work with ICT companies in Jordan.

He also stressed that Indonesian embbasy is very open to assisting ICT companies in Indonesia who want to expand their business networks in Jordan. “I want to emphasize that the Indonesian Embassy in Amman will be ready to facilitate Indonesian companies in Jordan,” said Andy.

On the same occasion, the Indonesian delegation chief representative who was also the CEO of Arsia Global Solusi, Mohammad Sharif said he was very excited about the presence of Indonesian companies in MENA ICT Forum 2018.

Arsia Global Solusi as a startup that wants to be a connecting hub for digital companies in Indonesia with counterparts in MENA, is indeed trying to introduce digital products and solutions from Indonesian companies to the Middle East.

Arsia brought along several Indonesian companies such as PT Baseline Communicate, PT Prima Garda Teknologi and PT Acak Solusi.

“Our presence on this event marks the beginning of a deeper collaboration between Indonesian digital entities with the Jordan’s and MENA counterparts,” said Sharif. According to him, the products and solutions from Indonesia on showcased at the event are the flagship products.

The products they offer are Vessel Tracking and Security Systems, Security Operating Centers, Courier Cargo Information Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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