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Japanese Hotel Employs Robots as Its Staff



Henn na Hotel robot Arsianews

The application of the robot is not only found on production’s conveyor belts or factory environments. Now you can also see robots have been applied in many areas, including the hospitality industry.

A Japanese hotel, Henn na Hotel, entrusted the reception to dinosaur robots. Every hotel guest who wants to book a room will be greeted by a dinosaur in a bell boy-style hat.

“Welcome,” greeting from the dino robot to hotel visitors when their presence was caught by a sensor instrument installed inside the hotel.

However, dino robots can serve using multiple languages. The check-in is processed through a tablet system. Hotel visitors can choose to be served in Japanese, English, Chinese or Korean.

One of the visitors to the hotel Tokyo Henn Na Maihama, Chigusa Hosoi, was intrigued by the existence of the dino robot. However, her three-year-old child is very happy to play with robots in the room.

“The dinosaurs looked intriguing, and I thought my son would love it,” said Chigusa Hosoi as quoted by Arab News.

Every hotel room is provided with a robot hotel staff that resembles a BB-8 robot in the Star Wars movie. The hotel robot is in charge of serving visitors, ranging from changing TV channels to playing music.

The robot’s atmosphere is further nuanced by the presence of Battery-powered fish robots whose bodies are adorned with flashing lights in the large aquariums.

Hotel Henn na started operating in 2015 in Nagasaki and was billed as the first hotel to have a robot staff. ‘Henn na’ itself means ‘weird’.

Today, Henn Na’s hotel chain has grown and has seven other branches spread across several locations in Japan.

Yukio Nagai, hotel manager at Henn na Maihama admitted, sometimes visitors also experience problems in communicating with robots.

Sometimes, visitors also need the help of human staff when the system has a problem. However, according to Nagai, the choice to employ robots was also related to efficiency.

“It’s becoming difficult to secure enough labor at hotels. To solve that problem, we have robots serving guests.”

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