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KPPU Opposed Grab’s Claim on Indonesian Market Share



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Grab’s statement claiming control of 65% of the ride-hailing market share in Indonesia turned out to be declined.

Indonesia’s Commission for the Supervision of Business Competition (KPPU) stated that Go-Jek was still the best in the market. The KPPU Commissioner Kodrat Wibowo in the statement quoted by Republika confirmed this.

“After Grab acquired Uber’s assets, Grab’s share reached 20.80% and Go-Jek’s (market share) was 79.20%,” Kodrat said.

He detailed, before the acquisition of Uber, based on KPPU’s calculations, Grab controlled a 14.69% market share, while Uber had 6.11 percent. That’s where the number 20.8% appears.

When confirmed about Grab’s claim that they controlled 65% of Indonesia’s ride-hailing market, Kodrat denied it. “Okay, though that is a one-sided claim (from Grab).”

KPPU’s calculation, said Kodrat, is based on several variables including the similarity of products and services owned by Go-Jek and Grab.

However, along with the diversification of the Go-Jek business line, the market share will also be classified based on the type of service. Therefore, said Kodrat, the Go-Jek competition with Grab could not be calculated to be head-to-head competition.

In addition to land transportation services, Go-Jek also has several different business lines, such as Go-send, Go-food, Go-clean, Go-pay, and others.

Not only diversifying business, currently Go-Jek is also expanding its operations to several Southeast Asian countries. Go-Jek has just been operating in Vietnam and Thailand, and will soon be operating in Singapore and the Philippines.

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