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Singapore Tops the World Broadband Speed



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Digital transformation needs to be backed by good infrastructure, including the speed of a reliable broadband network.

Recently, a world-class broadband speed tracking service provider Cable released the 2018 Broadband Speed League Report. This report ranks 200 countries based on the average internet speed of each country.

According to the report, Bahrain is the internet speed champion from the Arab region with an average internet speed of 5.05 Mbps (ranked 90th in the world). Following, the United Arab Emirates was ranked 97th in the world with a speed of 4.35 Mbps.

Jordan with a speed of 4.11Mbps was ranked 102, tops Saudi Arabia with a speed of 4.09 Mbps was ranked 104th in the world.

In the lower board, there are several Arab countries that are in a crisis. Syria is ranked 194 in the world with a speed of 0.81 Mbps.

Somalia in 197 world position at 0.60 Mbps. While Yemen sits in the last place (200) with an average speed of 0.31 Mbps.

According to report, Southeast Asia countries have better internet speeds than Arab countries. Singapore is the world champion, with an internet speed of 60.39 Mbps.

Following Thailand at rank 40 worldwide with an average internet speed of 17.06 Mbps. Followed by Malaysia in the rank 48 with a speed of 13.3 Mbps.

Underneath is Vietnam with an average internet speed of 6.72 Mbps, ranked 75th in the world. Next Indonesia, with a speed of 5.77 Mbps was ranked 83 in the world.

The Philippines with a speed of 5.18 Mbps was ranked 89th in the world, followed by the Brunei and Myanmar with the speed of 4.15 Mbps, then Cambodia with a speed of 4.1 Mbps (rating 103).

Overall, the world average speed has increased from 6.96Mbps (2017) to 9.1 Mbps. European countries, especially the Scandinavian peninsula, are the regions with the highest internet speeds.

The second to fourth world rankings are dominated by Sweden, Denmark, and Norway with speeds of 46 Mbps, 43.99 Mbps, and 40.12 Mbps respectively.

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