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Why Jordan is Suitable as a Hub for Arab-Asia ICT Collaboration



Indonesian ambassador Andy Rachmianto arsianews

MENA ICT Forum 2018 which is being held in Amman Jordan, is very suitable to be the beginning of the collaboration between Indonesian ICT companies and their partners in Jordan.

This was highlighted by the Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Jordan and Palestine Andy Rachmiansyah. Andy said since two years ago, King Abdulah has revealed his vision to advance the digital world in his country.

“I see the vision of digitalization that had been expressed by King Abdullah and the potential of human resources of this country will make Jordan a good partner for Indonesia for ICT development in the future,” said Andy.

He added, Jordan is also an Arab country whose population has the highest level of education compared to other Middle Eastern countries, including education in information and communication technology.

“Universities in Jordan are included in the list of the 500 best universities in the world,” Andy explained. Jordan itself has a population of 9 million. One startup that has the largest Arabic-language reader base, Mawdoo3 also comes from Jordan.

Since started to serve as an Ambassador in Jordan, Andy added, he always endorsed Jordanian digital companies to do business or invest in Indonesia. “It’s time for Jordan to look east, to Asia and Indonesia as the biggest market in the ICT field.”

Moreover, said Andy, the startup world in Indonesia has progressed so much. For example, 4 Indonesian companies have become unicorn startups and become important companies in Southeast Asia: Go-Jek, Tokopedia, Traveloka, and BukaLapak.

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