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Traveloka in Talks to Raise US$ 400M: Report



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Indonesian travel startup Traveloka reportedly is in talks to get new funding of US $ 400 million. However, Traveloka representatives refused to comment on the information.

From the people who familiar upon this matter, the injection of fresh funds is likely to be obtained from new investors and previous investors, as reported by Bloomberg News.

The new investment, according to the source, will be used to expand the ticket sales coverage, not only to sell travel tickets, but also show tickets, or amusement parks.

In July last year, Traveloka also received an investment of US $ 350 million from Expedia, which boosted Traveloka’s valuation to US$ 2 billion.

Furthermore, at the end of last year, the travel Unicorn also managed to get US$ 500 million from East Ventures, Hillhouse Capital Group, and Sequoia Capital.

Traveloka was established in Indonesia in 2012, by Ferry Unardi, Derianto Kusuma, and Albert Zhang.

Now Traveloka has been the largest online travel startup in southeast Asia, operating in several countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

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