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Hidayat Nur Wahid Offers Indonesian Strategic Industry Products to Oman



Deputy Chairperson of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Hidayat Nur Wahid (HNW) visited Oman, early December 2018. When meeting with government representatives, Hidayat offered Indonesia’s strategic industry products to Oman.

The first to be visited was the Oman State Assembly (MNA), in Muscat. In the assembly, HNW was received by the Chairperson of MNA Yahya bin Mahfudz Al Mundziri. Hidayat was accompanied by other MPR members, including Abdul Fikri Faqih from the Prosperous Justice Party Faction (PKS), Muhammad Syafruddin from the National Mandate Party Faction (PAN), and Indonesian Ambassador to Oman Mustafa Taufik Abdul Lathif.

Hidayat said that the long distance between Indonesia and Oman is not an obstacle for the two countries to establish friendship and cooperation. Evidently, the relationship between the two countries has been established since ancient times, when merchants from the Sultanate of Oman sailed to the archipelago to trade.

Their arrival in the archipelago also had the effect of spreading religion so that Islam is now the majority religion in Indonesia. Not surprisingly, some Indonesians have ancestors from Oman.

To Yahya, Hidayat conveyed various developments in Indonesia, including Indonesia’s efforts to always play an active role in creating world peace and order.

“Indonesia, for example, provides humanitarian and peace solutions for the Rohingya and Palestinian problems,” said the Deputy Chair of Gontor’s Modern Boarding School. “To solve the problem, we are coordinating with international parliaments including the MNA as the Parliament of Oman,” he said.

Yahya himself expressed his happiness to be able to meet Hidayat and other Indonesian delegates. Yahya said, the Sultanate of Oman under the rule of Sultan Qobus bin Said Al Muadzhdzham, continued to strengthen cooperation between Indonesia and Oman.

“I agree with Indonesia that Indonesia and Oman must play an important role in building world peace and security,” he said.

In addition to visiting parliament, Hidayat also visited Oman’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was welcomed by Oman’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Diplomacy Muhammad bin Awad Al Hasan. Hidayat revealed the importance of the two countries to enhance cooperation.

At present, Indonesia has developed a strategic industry with high-quality and sophisticated products. Existing products such as airplanes have been marketed and used by other countries such as the Philippines and Thailand. In this sector, cooperation is expected to be enhanced.

“The Sultanate of Oman can see Indonesia’s sophisticated industrial products,” Hidayat said.

In addition to meeting the government and parliament, Hidayat also met with the great Omani cleric, Shaykh Kahlan bin Nabhan Al Kharushiy. When meeting face to face with Kahlan, he delivered a lot of news about the dynamics of life in Indonesia.

Both figures agreed that the Islamic ummah must have a high level of education. For this reason, Hidayat reported that Indonesia opened educational cooperation and provided scholarships for citizens of other countries.

For HNW, cooperation between universities in both countries also needs to be improved. Ways to strengthen this collaboration by developing seminars, congresses, comparative studies, student exchanges and scholarships that provide benefits, goodness and mutual interests for both countries.

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