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Indonesia and Saudi Arabia Establish Cooperation in Flight Accident Investigation



Indonesia and Saudi Arabia have signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOC) for aviation accident investigation, early last December. This agreement is a continuation of a flight accident workshop in Jeddah, March 2018.

According to the official statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Jeddah, the MOC was signed by the Chairperson of the Indonesian Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) Soerjanto Tjahjono and the Director General of the Saudi Arabian Aviation Investigation Bureau (AIB) Abdullah Felemban. The signing took place at the AIB office and was attended by officials from the AIB, KNKT and diplomats of the two countries.

In their remarks, the two officials expressed their experience in developing accident investigation organizations with very different structures. KNKT oversees four modes of transportation, while AIB only focuses on flight investigations.

AIB plans to conduct a comparative study to the KNKT to study the organizational structure. AIB is likely to develop its organization so that it covers all modes of transportation. The Indonesian delegation was also invited to visit the AIB laboratory, which has sophisticated flight investigation equipment.

This collaboration is one of the two countries’ steps to improve flight safety. As fellow members of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the two countries must improve flight safety as mandated by Annex 13 of the Chicago Convention, with a focus on training, exchange of expertise, information and experience.

This collaboration covers many things. First, cooperation in assistance and use of flight safety investigation staff, as well as facilities and equipment. The assistance includes engineering, operations, human resources and organizational management.

Second, facilitate the participation of Saudi or Indonesian investigators as observers in aircraft accident investigations and serious incidents in each country. The aim is to increase understanding regarding investigative procedures in other countries.

Third, sending assistance during the investigation process, including sending flight recorder specialists and other technical specialists, if one of the countries requests it.

Fourth, make contact regularly and arrange visits or meetings with the aim of exchanging experience, skills and technical knowledge.

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