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Indonesia and Saudi Arabia Sign Cooperation in Labor Placement for Medical Workers



Two companies from Indonesia and Saudi Arabia signed a labor agreement for sending Indonesian medical workers to Saudi Arabia early next year. The collaboration between PT Global Alwakil Indonesia (GAI) and Saudi Manpower Solutions Co. (Smasco) was signed on Monday (10/12)

Global Alwakil Indonesia is a provider of human resources (HR) services from Indonesia for users abroad. GAI developed specific competency standards to guarantee ‘link & match’ with the industry and to build information technology-based systems in coordinating migrant workers, from recruitment to placement abroad and building a legal protection system for them.

While Smasco is the first and largest foreign labor recruitment company in Saudi Arabia. In total, Smasco has placed more than 90,000 foreign workers in Saudi Arabia.

Smasco President Director Saad Al Badah stated that this collaboration was an important momentum for cooperation between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia in the health sector. He is optimistic, in 2023, Indonesian nurses can replace the position of nurses from the Philippines who currently dominate the Saudi Arabian health industry.

Meanwhile, CEO of GAI Hemasari Dharmabumi said, Saudi and Indonesia should be able to improve human resource cooperation in hospitality and healthcare. Indonesia for example, with thousands of tourist destinations clearly has abundant potential hospitality workers.

While Saudi Arabia, which receives a lot of worshipers from Indonesia for Hajj and Umrah, is certainly in need of hospitality workers and healthcare. “Hospitality is an industrial sector that will become the mainstay of GAI in the future,” he said in a press release.

Hemasari added, in addition to working with several local governments and private companies for recruitment, GAI has also collaborated with various vocational training centers (BLK) in medical training. Through a very rigorous selection process, GAI also gathered various Indonesian Migrant Workers (P3MI) Placement Companies in a consortium called the Alwakil Consortium.

To reach overseas markets, GAI holds an employment business meeting (EBM) at Intercontinental Hotels, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This event was the first to be held by Indonesian private parties abroad and Saudi Arabia.

According to Hemasari, EBM in Jeddah is intended to introduce the potential of Indonesian migrant workers in the hospitality, healthcare, oil & gas, construction, and retail sectors.

GAI’s President Commissioner Fahmi Idris in his remarks stated that the idea of ​​GAI was to create employment opportunities while guaranteeing protection for workers and guaranteeing competency for user companies.

“We provide full support to the government to implement a strategy for reforming the long-term migration system, one of which is to open the involvement of the private sector in building a sustainable migrant employment ecosystem,” he said.

As a former Minister of Manpower for two periods, Fahmi said the government could not carry out all its strategic programs without the support and synergy with the private sector. Because basically the labor market is a private domain.

Fahmi Idris hopes that one day, Indonesian workers will fill various labor markets in the world with high quality competencies.

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