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Indonesia will Boost Coffee Exports to Egypt



Arsianews, Jakarta – Although Indonesian coffee is still the ruler in Egypt, the Indonesian government is determined to increase the share of the coffee market in the country of the Pharaoh. Because, the coffee market in Egypt is still growing rapidly.

One of Indonesia’s coffee exporters, PT Taman Delta Indonesia won a trade commitment of US $ 600,000, equivalent to Rp 8.5 billion (exchange rate of Rp. 14,000) after making a trade visit.

According to Indonesian Ambassador to Egypt Helmy Fauzi, the total volume of trade commitments reached 24 containers of coffee. This trade visit was carried out to expand the expansion of Indonesian agricultural products in Egypt.

“Direct marketing like this is very important because in this way our entrepreneurs can meet and transact directly with Egyptian buyers,” said Helmy,

He asserted, the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo will continue to facilitate the trade activities of Indonesian entrepreneurs in Egypt. This is in accordance with the orders of President Joko Widodo who demanded Indonesian products to increase market access in Africa.

One of the things done was by holding RI-Egypt business forums in the cities of Cairo and Alexandria. Through the forum, Indonesian entrepreneurs can immediately conduct business meetings and matching with potential partners in Egypt. That way, mutually beneficial trade relations between producers and importers can be built.

Meanwhile, the Trade Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, Irman Adi Purwanto Moefthi said, coffee consumption in Egypt continued to increase. Last year, coffee consumption in Egypt reached 45,000 tons. The number of coffee drinkers in Egypt has reached 35% of the total population of 98 million.

That is, the coffee export market to Egypt is very large. Therefore, exporters must have a tactical way to increase export volume and be able to diversify our products in Egypt so that the export value added gets bigger.

Coffee from Indonesia currently controls 47% of the Egyptian coffee import market or worth US $ 42.19 million or up 14.40% from the same period in 2017 which reached US $ 36.88 million. The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) records Indonesia’s coffee exports to Egypt in the January-October 2018 period to reach 24,000 tons or an increase of 18.71% compared to the same period in 2017 which was only 20,000 tons.

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