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Tempted by the Big Market, Syrian Business Group will Invest in Indonesia



Arsianews, Jakarta – Syrian businessmen who are members of the Arrasyid for Industry and Trade Group are interested in building factories and expanding markets in Indonesia. The Syrian businessmen showed an interest in investing in Indonesia when meeting with the Indonesian Ambassador to Egypt Helmy Fauzi in Cairo, Egypt, last week.

“We plan to build a factory there (Indonesia),” said Mohammed Alfarra, one of the businessmen, in a press statement distributed by the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo. Alfarra explained, his business is the manufacture of bathroom equipment with the brand “Clever”. Products made include water taps and bathtubs.

At present, not only in Egypt, the “Clever” brand has also entered the Iraqi, Armenian, Nigerian and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern markets. “We want to expand the market to Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia,” Alfarra said.

On this occasion, Alfarra invited Ambassador Helmy to visit one of the showrooms and manufacturing plants for bathroom equipment in the City of October 6, Egypt. Alfarra explained, he had reviewed the market for bathroom equipment in Indonesia.

Alfarra believes, he will be able to compete with products that have been circulating in the Indonesian market.

“Even though we are export oriented to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, we will ensure our products have a place in the Indonesian domestic market,” he said.

Alfarra said, in mid-October 2018, he visited Batam and Karimun Islands to explore the possibility of establishing a factory there. The visit was a follow-up of a meeting with BP Batam in Cairo.

“We have seen several potential locations, so we also need input from the Indonesian Ambassador in Cairo,” he said.

Ambassador Helmy himself welcomed the investment plan. According to him, Indonesia’s investment climate in the era of Joko Widodo’s administration continued to show a positive trend. “The credible assessment of international institutions shows that the rating of the ease of doing business in Indonesia continues to increase,” he explained.

Ambassador Helmy suggested that the Syrian business people also explore opportunities for cooperation with local partners in Indonesia. Thus, the products will be easily distributed and sold on the Indonesian market.

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