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First Indonesian Language Class Opens in Palestine


on, Jakarta – The Indonesian Embassy in Amman cooperated with the Office of the Mayor of Hebron, the Palestinian-Indonesian Friendship Association (PIFA), and the Palestinian-Indonesian Business Council (PIBC) to open the first Indonesian language class in the city of Hebron, Palestine. The language class is held in the building belonging to the Hebron Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The official opening of the language class was opened by the Indonesian Ambassador to Palestine Andy Rachmianto, who was attended by a number of officials including, Mayor of Hebron, President of PIFA and President of PIBC. The language class was attended by more than 100 participants from professionals and students.

The inauguration of the Indonesian language class program in Hebron was held to fill the 30th anniversary of the Indonesia-Palestinian bilateral relations which will take place on the 19th of October 2019. The opening of the language class is part of a program of a series of official visits by the Indonesian Ambassador to Amman to Palestine held on 10-13 February 2019.

In his remarks, the Mayor of Hebron conveyed the importance of organizing the Indonesian Language class to strengthen relations between the two countries. Indonesia is a country that consistently supports the struggle of the Palestinian people for independence, so that the Palestinian people need to recognize and establish close relations with the Indonesian people through mastery of the Indonesian language.

While Ambassador Andy said, language is a tool to get to know each other and unite. The opening of the Indonesian language class in Palestine is expected to further strengthen the fraternity of the Palestinian and Indonesian communities.

Ambassador Andy also said that besides being able to get to know Indonesian culture more closely, by mastering Indonesian, Palestinian people are expected to have a better future and broader benefits in the fields of economy and education.

Even though it is still under Israeli occupation, the interest of Palestinians to know Indonesia remains high. The ability to speak Indonesian in Palestine is very necessary, especially for tour guides. Every year nearly 90,000 Indonesian tourists visit sacred sites in Palestine, and this number is expected to continue to increase in the coming years.

In the field of education, learning Indonesian will also provide wider opportunities for Palestinian students to obtain scholarships, both offered by the government and universities in Indonesia. At present there are around 44 Palestinian students who are studying in Indonesia both for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Starting in 2019, a number of well-known Indonesian universities that are members of the Indonesian Chancellor Forum (FRI) will provide around 130 scholarships for Palestinian students to obtain education in Indonesia.

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