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Indonesia and Kuwait Maneuvers to Condemn Israel Vetoed by US


on, Jakarta – The maneuvers of Indonesia and Kuwait to mobilize the United Nations Security Council to criticize Israel failed in the hands of the United States (US). Previously the two countries maneuvered to submit a draft UN Security Council resolution on Israel’s decision not to extend the residence permit for international monitoring teams in the city of Hebron, West Bank, Palestine.

The permit was canceled by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week. He accused the monitoring team, Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH), of conducting anti-Israeli activities, without explaining specifically. Norway, which led the TIPH for the past 22 years, said the decision had serious consequences.

“Israeli unilateral decisions can mean that the implementation of the most important part of the Oslo agreement cannot be continued.”

Indonesia and Kuwait, two non-permanent members of the UN Security Council, then formulated a draft resolution to be submitted and approved by 15 members of the UN Security Council to condemn Israel’s actions. However, US representatives vetoed the draft resolution.

As Reuters reported, the draft resolution underscores the importance of TIPH’s existence and “its efforts to treat calm in a very sensitive area and vulnerable situations on the ground that risk continues to deteriorate.” As before, the US as a defender of Israel vetoed the draft.

Hebron, a city in the West Bank, inhabited by 200,000 Palestinians, is home to around 1,000 Israelis. Their settlements in the east of the city, which clearly violated the Oslo Treaty, are now heavily guarded by Israeli forces.

The TIPH was formed after in 1994 a Jewish settler named Baruch Goldstein killed 29 Palestinians in the Cave of Makhpela which is the second holy place of religion. The riots caused by the killing claimed the lives of 24 Palestinians killed at the hands of Israeli police.

In 1998, when Israel withdrew half of its troops from Hebron under a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PLO), TIPH began the task of guarding “agreements and violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law”.

The last peace talks between Israel and Palestine were stopped in 2014. Most UN member states regard Jewish settlements in the West Bank as illegal entities. But Israel dismissed the criticism under the pretext of historical, political and religious links between Jews and the Palestinian territories in western Jordan.

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