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Online Food Delivery Apps Changes Consumption Habits

Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) finds that the online food delivery apps made Indonesian more consumptive.



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Arsianews, Jakarta – The presence of online food delivery services such as Go-Food and GrabFood is suspected of changing people’s behavior in consuming food.

Officials from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) said that the online food delivery service made Indonesian more consumptive. “It seems that at the moment mothers are rather lazy to cook. So, they often buy ready-to-eat food,” said BPS Deputy for Balance and Statistical Analysis Sri Soelistyowati, as quoted by Katadata.

Some ride-hailing platform companies, especially Go-Jek and Grab, do provide online food delivery services. They partner with various food providers, from small culinary businesses to international food merchants and franchises.

Go-Food from Go-Jek claims to have partnered with 800 thousand food provider partners throughout Indonesia. Even in 2018, Go-Food, which is the core business of Go-Jek, has recorded a gross total value of US$ 2 billion. While GrabFood of Grab now has hundreds of thousands of local partners in 178 cities in Indonesia.

“There is switching on the behavior of household consumers when food can now be obtained through various online applications,” BPS Head Suhariyanto added. He explained, this fact was confirmed by other findings from BPS.

During 2018 BPS noted a slowdown in the growth of food and beverage components outside the restaurant. This component’s growth rate fell 0.55% from the previous year to 4.81% in 2018.

In fact, the transportation-communication component experienced growth from 5.04% to 6.14%. While hotel-restaurants grew by 0.54% from the previous year to 5.85% in 2018.

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