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Indonesia Exports Jengkol and Stinky Beans to Saudi Arabia



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Arsianews, Jakarta – Who would have thought that jengkol and stinky bean, which are often considered the food of ordinary people, could be exported to Saudi Arabia. This shows the great potential of Indonesian agricultural products.

The Head of Quarantine and Safety Board of Biology and Animal Agus Sunanto said that Indonesia has been exporting at least a hundred agriculture and plantation products to many countries. Some of them are pepper, rubber, copra, palm, mangosteen, stink beans, jengkol, clove, noni, pineapple, swallow’s nest, and etc.

“Palm and copra are the most dominant as well as their derivatives product such as oil, shell, oilcake, broomstick, coconut’s milk, and water,” Agus explained while attending export consignment of 780 tons of pepper and rubber in PT Fajar Berseri.

He also said jengkol and stinky beans has been exported to Saudi Arabia. The suppliers are from Lampung and Banten. “Agriculture products from Indonesia have a chance to send abroad. Even Jengkol and stink beans have a potential market”, he added.

But, Indonesia must meet some requirements the destination countries have set, so that Indonesia can export the products facilely. It is not only on the packaging and shipment but also on quality and safety.

“The export is not an easy task because destination countries have specified some regulations. We have learned and conveyed to the local government and the suppliers.”

For example, China determines that all swallow’s nest must be heated on 30 degrees for 30 minutes and registered, while Indonesia has only a hundred registered nest. There is also a high demand for mangosteens from China and Australia. Indonesia can meet demand. Unfortunately, the destination country rejected just because of an ant.

“Our product rejected due to an ant. So suppliers have to select the fruit traditionally. They need to check carefully and only pick the best fruit to avoid refusal. It shows how stringent the regulation abroad.”

Nevertheless, The Board keeps encouraging the local farmers to introduce Indonesian products worldwide. So, farmers can elevate the export value as well as their welfare.

“we love to hear the hardship that farmers have and find solutions. We are not only focused on handling pest but also on increasing export. It takes strong teamwork to escalate our agriculture industry.”

Increasing the export, The Board engages local government, local farmers, and entrepreneurs to sit and map exported potential products. They also discuss on how to strategize the requirements.

“Together, we maintain local farmers potency, select the best products, send them to the corresponding country and make sure the output meets the requirements.”

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