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Visit of the Deputy Speaker of the Republic of Indonesia to Strengthen Parliamentary Diplomacy in Jordan



Arsianews, Amman: A week after the announcement of the election results, Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Parliament, Fahri Hamzah, accompanied by several members of the House of Representatives held a working visit to Jordan on 26-29 May 2019. This visit was carried out to strengthen inter-parliamentary cooperation between the two countries.

According to the Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan, Andy Rachmianto, this visit complements the visit of the Indonesian House of Representatives’ BKSAP and the previous Indonesian House of Representatives Commission I. “The people’s representative’s working visit is proof of the support of parliamentary diplomacy in strengthening RI-Jordan bilateral relations,” said Ambassador Andy.

During the visit, the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives held a meeting with representatives of the Palestine National Council (PNC), Zuhair Rasyad and Deputy Chairperson of the Nuwab Majlis (Parliament) “Jordan, Dr. Nassar Al Qaisi. In the two meetings, the two parliaments of the friendly countries expressed their high appreciation for Indonesia’s support so far in helping the struggle for Palestinian independence.

Indonesia will always support the Palestinian cause at any time. All factions in the Indonesian House of Representatives unanimously provide support to the Indonesian Government in assisting the Palestinians. “The independence of Palestine is a debt to the Indonesian nation that has not been paid off,” said Fahri Hamzah.
During the meeting, the desire of the Jordanian parliament had been raised so that more tourists from Indonesia could visit the Jordan and Palestine, especially to the Aqsa Mosque.

According to Fahri, the Jordanian government must facilitate various facilities for tourists from Indonesia, including giving free visa, attractive tour packages and opening direct flight access. “If this convenience can be done, it is certain that the number of tourists from Indonesia will increase dramatically,” said Fahri.

During a visit to the country of the Prophets, the delegation of the Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Parliament also had the opportunity to break the fast (iftar) and meet face-to-face with Indonesian diaspora residents at the Indonesian Embassy in Amman. In accordance with his duties as Deputy Chair of the Public Welfare Division, Fahri Hamzah, expressed his appreciation for the performance of the Indonesian Embassy in Amman as a representative of “citizen service” to continue to represent the country in the efforts to protect Indonesian migrant workers. In the education sector, the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia will assist the request so that funding sources can be sought, especially scholarships, for Indonesian students who will study in Jordan.

Utilizing the holy month of Ramadan, Fahri Hamzah and his entourage also had the opportunity to do a Ramadan safari by carrying out iftar and taraweh prayers in several mosques in Amman, such as the Raja Hussein bin Talal Mosque, the King Abdullah I Mosque and the Blue Cave.
The group of representatives of the people also had time to taste Mansaf rice and katayef and kunafeh as Jordanian specialties.

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