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Develop Collaboration, Make Indonesia Heaven a Digital Startup

Develop Collaboration, Make Indonesia Heaven a Digital Startup



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Indonesia has become one of the “paradise” for the growth of digital startups. The rate of growth is very rapid, even higher than the developed countries in the world. From the Startupdigital 1000 Program, there are already 525 digital startups that can be facilitated. While based on the report of the Creative Economy Agency itself at the end of 2018 there were 992 digital startups. And according to the report, until the first quarter of 2019, there were 2,111 digital start ups in Indonesia. This latest data puts Indonesia in the position of the five countries with the largest number of digital startups, after the United States, India, Britain and Canada.

According to the Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara, such rapid growth, especially in Southeast Asia, is based on collaborative efforts between government, society and digital startups. For example, through Grab which encourages startups in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

“The condition is encouraging, as well as increasingly whipping up the government as a facilitator and digitalization accelerator to continue to develop the ecosystem that supports it,” explained Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara at the Grab Ventures Velocity Force 2 event, at the Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Monday (06/17/2019) night .

The Minister of Communication and Information confirms that the Government always gives space to new startups in Indonesia. Especially, startups produced by domestic children. Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara expressed his appreciation for Grab’s ongoing initiatives through Velocity’s Grab Ventures program.

“I am sure, together we can build Southeast Asia that is stronger as a home and ecosystem for many extraordinary startups. In addition, through this GVV program, I hope that Indonesian startups can also compete globally and make the nation’s name proud,” he said.

The Minister of Communication and Information appreciated the 2nd Grab Ventures Velocity (GVV) event which encouraged the acceleration of Indonesia’s digital startup.

“I really appreciate Grab’s ongoing initiative. Through this GVV program, I am sure that together we will build a remarkable startup, “said Minister Rudiantara.

The Ministry of Finance’s Expert Staff for Organization, Bureaucracy and Information Technology, Sudarto also supports the Grab Ventures Velocity program and hopes that this program can strengthen Indonesia’s digital economy.

“The digital economy is believed to be driving Indonesia’s economic growth in the future. We support the Grab initiative as a platform to grow young digital talents, especially in the agricultural and SME sectors, “he explained.

Through this 2nd batch of GVV program, Grab has chosen 1- Startup from two paths, namely empowering farmers and empowering small businesses.

The President of Grab Indonesia, Ridzki Kamadibrata said that the GVV initiative was targeted to encourage the acceleration of millions of startups and micro entrepreneurs to build a stronger Southeast Asia.

“In the first generation, we support several startups in Indonesia such as BookMyShow and Sejasa, providing guidance to achieve better business goals and solve social problems,” he said.

GVV Force 2 was held with the theme ‘Empowering Micro Entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia’. Grab has selected 10 startups from the Southeast Asia region. Seven startups originated from Indonesia (Eragano, PergiUmroh, Porter, Sayurbox, Tanihub, Tamasia, and Qoala), two startups from Singapore (Treedots and GLife), and one startup from Malaysia (MyCash Online).

The GVV program will run for 16 weeks after the ten startups pitch to Grab. Successful startups will have the opportunity to collaborate with Grab in the form of funding or commercial partnerships.

The theme supports the Indonesian Government’s program in developing agritech ecosystems in Indonesia. The GVV startup also uses data technology and analytics that help farmers to have better data and can predict fresh harvests for production, which is a major concern for all farmers.

In addition, there are efforts to support innovative solutions for micro entrepreneurs by increasing their income. In fact, there are more than 10 million small businesses in Indonesia that have expanded their business with the use of online technology.

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