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This is Indonesia’s Top 10 Startups, Bukalapak in the First Position



East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa (center) when inaugurating Bukalapak's second Research & Development office in Surabaya.

Jakarta – Bukalapak’s online buying and selling platform is in the top rank of startup companies from Indonesia, according to Startup Ranking site data as of June 22, 2019.

The Startup Ranking records the monthly traffic of Bukalapak per data this month of 131.7 million visits. CEO Achmad Zaky’s platform is currently one of the unicorn-based startups, which has a valuation above 10 billion US dollars, in Indonesia.

After Bukalapak, there are Blibli, Traveloka, Zalora Indonesia, Zenius Education, Blanja, Alodokter, Ruangguru, Dokter Sehat, and Elevenia respectively.

In early 2019, Bukalapak stated that the decacorn title, the rate of valuation of startups above the Unicorn, was not their main goal in business, but rather for traders and small businesses.

“What is called decommissioning is not something that we are looking for as the main goal. Bukalapak’s main goal is how Bukalapak can continue to develop and be able to advance SMEs in Indonesia,” said Bukalapak President Fajrin Rasyid in January 2019.

Bukalapak until the end of 2018 had around 40 million pelapak, shops or individuals who traded, while the number of users reached 50 million.

Bukalapak has yet to acquire any company, earlier this year they stated that there were no plans to buy the company to develop themselves.

Although not yet acquired any startups, Bukalapak continues to develop services, the latest of which is opening BukaGlobal so that Indonesian SMEs can connect with markets in several countries, including Malaysia.

Bukalapak, like a trading platform in general, can be accessed through sites and applications for mobile devices. Since 2018, Bukalapak has cooperated with Dana for payment services with digital wallets.

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