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Boost Exports to Indonesia, Palestine Guarantees Product Quality



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PALESTINA wants to boost the performance of exports to the Indonesian market. Even though it is still under Israeli occupation, Palestine is committed to selling products that are competitive.

“We believe Palestinian products can compete in the international market. This also proves to Israel, Palestine can achieve economic independence,” said Director of Trade Policy at the Palestinian Trade Center Shadi Shaheen at a press conference at the Palestinian Embassy on Tuesday (23/7).

The Palestinian Authority along with business actors continue to intensify the promotion of superior commodities throughout Indonesia, including Indonesia. Shadi stressed that the country’s strong economy would increase political power.

“Even though the Palestinians have a lot of difficulties, we can carry out trade missions,” he added.

Regarding product quality, it guarantees standardization in accordance with the international market. Shadi gave an example of Palestinian ceramic products that received international recognition, as well as food products that were awarded halal awards from Malaysia. As a quality guarantee, every Palestinian export product will be accompanied by the logo “Palestine: made with passion”.

“In addition to being a quality guarantee, giving logos is a strategy to support Palestinian trade on the international market,” said Shadi.

Furthermore, the representative of the Palestine Investment Development Division Ola M. Hammouda hoped that more investors would come to Palestine. Especially, in the fields of tourism, information technology and consumer products. The government is preparing devices that support the investment climate. Hammouda stressed the investment climate in Palestine was classified as conducive.

“With the inclusion of investment, it can help local companies to develop as well as increase national production by 45%. We are ready to welcome investors and are very open to providing guidance on products, as well as factories that can receive investment flows,” concluded Hammouda.

The Palestinian Ambassador to Indonesia, Zuhair Al Shun, said the Palestinian delegation had met with the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) and the Indonesian Ministry of Trade. Furthermore, a workshop will be held that brings together authorities and business people from both countries.

“To strengthen relations between Palestine and Indonesia, a workshop will be held to discuss the conditions of trade and investment in Palestine. Then, how can Palestinian products enter the Indonesian market,” Al Shun said.

Chair of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Middle East Standing Committee, Fachry Thaib, said there were many business opportunities in Palestine. It has sent envoys to Palestine to hold a business meeting with hundreds of Palestinian businessmen. He also appreciated the Indonesian government’s policy regarding the exemption of import duty on dates and olive products.

“We support the Indonesian government’s steps to improve bilateral trade relations. In the near future, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Palestinian Chamber of Commerce will sign a trade agreement,” Fachry added.

So far, the value of bilateral trade has been recorded at US $ 5 million. With the export of Indonesian products to Palestine reaching US $ 4.5 million, while the export of Palestinian products to Indonesia is only around US $ 0.5 million. (OL-5)

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