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Digital Umrah Prototype Starts Prepared



Ilutration Photo : Pixabay

Jakarta – The development of a digital umrah startup company became the main focus of the realization of a memorandum of understanding between the Indonesian government and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently. Several stages began to be carried out by two unicorns from Indonesia, namely Tokopedia and Traveloka. Among the preparations was to design a digital umrah prototype.

Previously, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia worked together to realize the Umrah application startup. Among the main points of discussion are the forms of cooperation and investment models, product development plans, services for umrah solutions, to the possibility of empowerment and involvement of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sector.

“We must encourage the private sector, the role of the government not as a regulator, but to facilitate, open the way, even accelerate. Do not let Indonesia become a continuing market, “said Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Rudiantara, in a press conference after the signing of the MoU in Riyadh on Thursday (4/7) local time, as quoted by the release to

He said, the potential of Umrah pilgrims from Indonesia is very high. For example, in 2018 the number of umrah pilgrims from the country reached 1 million.

For the government of Saudi Arabia, the development of startups will strengthen economic diversification to achieve Vision 2030.

One of them is by creating a space of innovation and investment for the younger generation of Saudi Arabia, as well as increasing competency in the digital industry sector involving the SME sector. As for Indonesia, this application can encourage growth and digital economic equity.

“So the benefits are actually for Indonesia, for Indonesian unicorns, Indonesian business people, and for the Indonesian people,” said the Minister of Communication and Information.

For information, Indonesia-Saudi Arabia is collaborating to build digital umrah, where management will be transparent and can be monitored online. This is to answer the challenges of managing Umrah with a large interest of pilgrims, because there are still travel agents who are not responsible and commit fraud.

This is one of the things that the government wants to anticipate through the development of the Indonesia-Saudi Arabia Digital Collaboration. “Later there will be fintech for funding, there is logistics to deliver goods. That is why all must be integrated, “said the Minister of Communication and Information.

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