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Empower Pencak Silat Self Defense in Jordan



Arsianews, Amman – The ongoing effort of the Indonesian Embassy in Amman to promote Indonesian culture in Jordan was again shown through the appearance of the “Pencak Silat Promotional Event” at the Wisma Duta Plaza in the Indonesian Embassy Amman, July 18, 2018.

This activity is the closing of the Training for Pencak Silat Trainers program held by the Embassy in Amman during June-July 2019 in collaboration with the Al-Azhar Arts and Self-Defense Pencak Silat College and the Al-Azhar Islamic Boarding School Foundation. . In addition, this activity also marks the inauguration of the “Indonesian Embassy in Amman” and the inauguration of its management.

As many as five new Pencak Silat trainers have been directly appointed by the ASBD Silat College Teacher Council, led by YPI Chair Al-Azhar Sobidirin HS. The five trainers were Indonesian students and the Indonesian Embassy staff in Amman who were selected and deemed fit to receive debriefing as a martial arts trainer under the guidance of two main trainers of Pencak Silat ASBD from Jakarta. The new trainers can now provide martial arts training to Jordanian people under the ASBD Pencak Silat flag.

In addition to inaugurating martial arts trainers, the Indonesian Embassy in Amman and the YPI Al-Azhar ranks also signed a cooperation agreement in promoting Pencak Silat as Indonesia’s artistic and cultural heritage, and inaugurated the opening of a special branch of ASBD Pencak Silat in Jordan.

q”The Indonesian Embassy in Amman is seriously encouraging Pencak Silat to be better known in the Country of Prophets through innovative ways,” said Indonesian Ambassador Andy Rachmianto. “With the inauguration of martial arts trainers and the inauguration of the ASBD Pencak Silat Padepokan in Jordan, I hope Pencak Silat can begin to be studied and sought after by Jordanian people so that Indonesian culture is also increasingly known,” continued Andy. Through this program, the Indonesian Embassy Amman also initiated the opening of the pencak hermitage martial arts in a number of schools and universities in Jordan.

This promotional activity featured silat attractions from around 25 ASBD members of the Indonesian Embassy in Amman which were divided into three class groups: junior (4-10 years), adolescents (11-17 years), and seniors (18 years and above). On this occasion, the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia Amman received a title as the Main Warrior (honor) by the Chairperson of YPI Al Azhar. The title of honorary warrior was also received by a number of Indonesian Embassy staff in Amman.

Present at the event were about 80 Jordanian people including representatives from the Ministry of Youth & Sports, Jordan Olympic Committee, a number of martial arts associations, sports practitioners, entrepreneurs and academics and the media.

The Chairperson of YPI Al-Azhar conveyed information regarding the development of pencak silat as a sport competed in international tournaments, including at the last ASIAN GAMES 2018 in Indonesia. “Pencak silat as a branch of sports is increasingly gaining widespread attention in the international community, because it contains artistic and moral values”, as stated by Sobirin.

The Indonesian Ambassador explained the Indonesian Government’s efforts to include Pencak Silat as a sport that was competed in the Olympics. “I hope that after pencak silat is widely introduced in Jordan, in the not too distant future the Jordanian Pencak Silat association will be formed, which will support Indonesia’s efforts to include martial arts at the Olympic Games,” Andy said.

To further attract the interest of Jordanian people, Pencak Silat Promotion activities were closed with a Nobar (watching together) event, one of the action films that successfully introduced pencak silat to the whole world. The Wisma Duta Plaza in the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Amman was changed to be like dive-in cinema complete with traditional Indonesian snacks, pop-corns, and various drinks.

In general, the guests expressed their admiration for the performance of Pencak Silat which was seen as not inferior to other martial arts. A number of invitations even packed the registration table to register as members of the Indonesian Embassy in Amman and requested further information about pencak silat.

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