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Kemenpar Cooperates with APKASI Encouraging Acceleration of Tourism Village and Technology-Based Homestay


Kemenpar Cooperates with APKASI Encouraging Acceleration of Tourism Village and Technology-Based Homestay



Jakarta, July 7, 2019 – The Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) is collaborating with the Association of Indonesian District Governments (APKASI) to work together to accelerate the development of tourism villages and technology-based homestays.

General Chairperson of APKASI Abdullah Azwar Anas at the closing of the APKASI Otonomi Expo at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Jakarta, on Friday (05/07/2019), said that APKASI, consisting of 400 districts throughout Indonesia, is committed to supporting various programs in developing various regional tourism sectors.

“One program that wants to be developed is tourism. “We will encourage cross border tourism, especially in areas directly adjacent to Malaysia,” said Azwar.

He added that this synergy step is also part of a strategy to develop the progress of regional arts and culture. In addition, there will be a determination of a number of priority areas to accelerate this cross-border tourist area.

“We have agreed with the Ministry of Tourism to choose Atambua NTT as a priority area for accelerating the development of cross border tourism. Hopefully, other regions will be inspired and follow this step, “explained Azwar.

He said the government was targeting to have around 2,000 cross-border tourist villages.

On the other hand, Azwar also highlighted the relationship between the development of tourism and technology. According to him, in the digital era which is also closely associated with this generation of technology literacy, innovation and cooperation in the field of tourism are needed with a number of technology companies such as startups.

Azwar exemplifies the use of online platforms in promoting homestays in Banyuwangi. “Homestay that is integrated with online platforms should also be developed as we did in Banyuwangi. Now there are around 400 homestays that have been registered online, “he explained.

The commitment to encourage the growth of the tourism sector was also conveyed by Achmad Zaky, founder and one of the unicorn companies in Indonesia, Bukalapak. “This year we are committed to serving small businesses in Indonesia. We are now targeting the Southeast Asian market. Sometimes small entrepreneurs are happy if there are buyers from other ASEAN countries, they also have experience in doing export business, “Zaky said.

The intention of the CEO of one of the biggest e-commerce in the country was welcomed positively by Azwar. “If all districts are registered in the online platform, there will be a new leap. “Now the real collaboration era can actually help accelerate so that regional products can go online,” he responded.

Meanwhile, Vitria Ariani as Chair of the Team for the Acceleration of Rural and Urban Tourism Development Ministry of Tourism hopes that APKASI has a strong commitment to develop regional tourism. “Because the actual growth of the villages is what makes Indonesia a strong country, without forgetting village wisdom.”

he importance of highlighting the uniqueness of an area was also conveyed by Anneke Prasyanti, Chair of the Tourism Village Homestay Development Acceleration Team. “There are 1,340 ethnic groups in Indonesia, we should have strong roots in each province. My hope is that there will be new regulations so that the Building Construction Permit (IMB) does not come out if there is no local wisdom in the architecture or design of lodging buildings. “

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