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Indonesian National Products BCTRACK, Take Part in 2019 Trade Expo Indonesia




ArsiaNews, Jakarta – PT. Baseline Communicate is a National Company established to provide maritime, Oil & Gas solutions, which produces a GPS Tracking and Telemetry System which is a 50 cm diameter device called BCTRACK which has been widely used in the National Shipping world.

This Hybrid-based Hardware and Software is capable of displaying Ship Operations to use BBM in the form of a Dashboard that can be accessed from a desktop / laptop / gadget.

BCTRACK has served more than hundreds of vessels used by Multi National Companies operating in Indonesia such as Total, Chevron, Petronas, British Petroleum, Premier Oil, Mubadala, Star Energy and leading National Companies such as Pertamina Hulu Mahakam, Pertamina and others .

BCTRACK is a service provided to address problems often experienced by ship owners, where the use of fuel is often not well controlled so they have to “entrust” the ship when it sails to the Ocean Ocean without being able to control its operations. Ship owners do not have the ability to know where their ship is, where the ship is headed, how much fuel is consumed, they can only see their ship again after the ship docked.

BCTRACK is here to provide the ability for shipowners to be able to monitor their ships and find out where the ship is now, where it is going, with what speed and ship RPM and also fuel consumption, even to find out anything near the ship with radar features. With BCTRACK will return absolute control of the ship to the ship owner so they can run and develop their business properly.

BCTRACK is always innovating in improving the quality of its services in accordance with the latest technological developments, in the process of its journey BCTRACK has experienced quite a lot of evolution which is divided into three elements, First is the development of the Hardware section, which has evolved more than eight times. Second Firmware or Robotic Function from BCTRACK which has evolved about seven times. The Third is the Dashboard element or user interface that has evolved three times.

For application architecture, BCTRACK does not adopt client server systems or web applications. But based on Hybrid so that the application can run very fast. Besides that the application is available on a Web and Smartphone basis.

BCTRACK Hybrid architecture is able to store data for decades with a small size and stored on a local PC in addition to the backup data is also stored on the main server when the PC damage occurs.

There are many shipping companies that use and benefit from BCTRACK including Ferry, Passenger Vessels, Tugs, AHTS, Cargo Ships, Crew Boat, Tug and Barge and others.

Now after successfully 19 years, PT. Baseline Communicate promotes and markets BCTRACK products both at domestic and foreign expo events, so BCTRACK will introduce its products to foreign countries by participating as participants of the 2019 Indonesian Trade Expo (TEI) which is planned to be held 16-20 October 2019 at the ICE BSD (Indonesia Convention and Exhibition Bumi Serpong Damai) City, Tangerang, Indonesia. This is the first time BCTRACK has participated in the event.

The Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) is the largest exhibition of export products in Indonesia aimed at promoting Indonesian-made products to foreign countries, according to 2018 TEI data, the number of visitors to the exhibition was 33,333 people from 132 countries and recorded transactions of US $ 8.49 billion or around Rp 126 trillion, more than 5 times the target of US $ 1.5 billion. The high transaction last year was due to an investment of US $ 5.5 billion coming from the exhibition, of course BCTRACK did not want to waste the opportunity.

Baseline Communicate tries to introduce BCTRACK, its best product to be better known to the world as a Technology Company that manufactures GPS Tracking Devices and Telemetry Systems. For those who want to know how BCTRACK works and how to use it, please visit the BCTRACK Booth at the PA-PPEI Pavilion, Hall 3A, the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) Zone in October this year.

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