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Joining the Dubai Expo 2020, Jokowi’s President Asks to Show Indonesia Now and in the Future



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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has provided direction so that in the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020, give an overview of Indonesia now and in the future.

“So it must be more futuristic without us leaving our culture and cultural wealth, but it must be seen in that perspective. Once again the same as our vision, vision and mission of the President: Indonesia is moving forward, “Trade Minister (Trade Minister) Enggartiasto Lukita told reporters after attending the Limited Meeting on the Preparation for the Dubai Expo 2020 at the Presidential Office, Tuesday (8/13) afternoon.

In the exhibition which was held on an area of ​​438 hectares with an estimated visitor of over 25 million people, lasted for 6 months, according to the Minister of Trade, the government also involved the private sector, private entrepreneurs.

“As Astra is one of the main sponsors, Astra will also be asked to present an example of its futuristic car production. Will later make an electric car, sedan and so on. The things that can give a positive image of how Astra built its toll road and then various things, “explained the Minister of Trade.

The Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita delivered a press statement after attending the Limited Meeting on the Preparation for the Dubai Expo 2020 at the Presidential Office, Tuesday (8/13) afternoon. (Photo: Jay / Humas)

Various other matters that were also emphasized again, with limitations or with financial conditions but the participation of private entrepreneurs, BUMN, Bank Indonesia, according to the Minister of Trade, were also seen how to organize an exhibition activity, which according to the President’s judgment was displayed well, and after curated fostered by Bank Indonesia, examples like that will be displayed.

The Minister of Trade added, Indonesia will also carry out promotional activities not only domestically. “So Road to Dubai also publishes it abroad as a potential market, which is expected by visitors to come to visit our pavilion. What is it that the Indonesian pavilion is something that is part of a series of promotional activities. So that our presence there is not in vain, “he said.

What the President also emphasized, according to the Trade Minister, was not only trade, but it involved or things that we “sold” or exhibited or promoted in things like tourism, then investment.

“Now, from the targets or things that were mentioned earlier, various events, various displays must be in harmony with the previous one,” said the Trade Minister while giving an example, the entry point was already using the use of QR codes with smartphones, and in there without feeling people have to walk by looking at various displays.

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