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2 Indonesian Agarwood Exporters Join Trade Expo Indonesia with Arsia Trade in BSD City Tangerang



ArsiaNews, Jakarta – The biggest international trade exhibition in Indonesia, the 2019 Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI), was held again. This time the world class event took place from Wednesday (10/16) to Sunday (10/20) at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City, South Tangerang.

On this occasion, 2 large exporters of agarwood namely Sultan Oud & Humairah Oud took part in the 34th TEI Exhibition with the first B2B marketplace for the Middle East market ARSIA TRADE, seeing last year the largest transaction was the country that most liked the fragrance and aloes wood, the Middle East .

Sultan oud & Humairah oud are already experts in selling aloes, and many consumers and customers buy their products, even when the Hajj and Eid al-Fitr Eid, middle east people deliberately come only to look for Indonesian agarwood which is the largest producer of aloes in the world.

In addition they are also used to export agarwood to Middle Eastern countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai. In addition to Middle Eastern Asian countries such as China is the largest importer of agarwood, not infrequently they also often visit Indonesia to hunt for agarwood.

In its use, agarwood is used differently in different countries, if in the Middle East agarwood is used for aromatherapy, air freshener, and aloe perfume in the form of oil for clothing, besides that aloes are believed to be heaven fragrances. Whereas in Chinese society many are used as health rings or incense for their worship services.

There are several well-known agarwood in Indonesia and the prices are also quite expensive namely Borneo, Papua and Marauke agarwood. There are also several types of agarwood, namely agarwood processed by the manufacturing process to make it look more attractive and more fragrant with an equal size, agarwood is usually called Sanai. As for aloes that are taken directly from the forest without mixed anything, aloes are usually called natural aloes or tobi’i.

The plan in the grand performance of TEI 2019 Sultan Oud will exhibit some of its products at the ARSIA TRADE booth, namely agarwood tobi’i, agarwood sanai, and agarwood processed in the form of oil. and Humairah Oud will exhibit Sanai agarwood products with several different models and shapes, agarwood oil, and agarwood processed in conical form.

In addition to marketing agarwood to the Middle East, the sultan oud & humairah oud also aimed to introduce agarwood products to foreign countries so that not only trends in the Middle East and China countries but countries around the world. ARSIA TRADE invites anyone to attend the ARSIA TRADE booth at the PA-PPEI Pavilion, Hall 3A, Zona ICT (Information & Communication Technogy) to learn more about agarwood and other MSME products.

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