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Indonesian Ambassador In Amman Invites Jordanian Businesses And Investors To Attend Trade Expo Indonesia 2019



ArsiaNews, Amman – The Indonesian Embassy in Amman once again held trade and investment promotion activities to improve Indonesia’s business relations with Jordan and Palestine.

“The trade volume between RI-Jordan and RI-Palestine, although in general has increased in the last 2 years, has not yet fully reflected its true potential. So that new breakthroughs are still needed to increase the volume of trade and investment in the coming years, “said Indonesian Ambassador Andy Rachmianto at the” Business Dinner “at the Intercontinental Hotel, Amman (19/9).

This promotional event is an initiative of the Indonesian Embassy in Amman to improve business relations with accreditation countries through dissemination of the latest economic developments and the potential of Indonesia. The program was also used as a forum for dialogue with top business players in Jordan and Palestine to encourage economic relations, trade, tourism and investment.

Specifically, Ambassador Andy invited business people in both countries to attend the 34th Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) which will be held on 16-20 October 2019 at ICE BSD, Tangerang.

“In the 2018 TEI then the Indonesian Embassy in Amman facilitated 45 businessmen from Jordan and 5 businessmen from Palestine, and managed to record a business deal of US $ 30.5 million. For 2019, I hope the figure can be bigger,” said Andy.

“One of the Palestinian businessmen even won the Primaduta Awards from the Indonesian Foreign Minister. This shows that Jordan and Palestine are very prospective business partners for Indonesia,” Andy continued.

Business promotion activities and TEI dissemination received a warm welcome from the business people present. A number of business people showed enthusiasm to attend the upcoming TEI event and sought more information about various business opportunities in Indonesia.

“Jordanian entrepreneurs generally look more at cooperation with European Union countries, the United States and China. However, we are interested in utilizing various facilities provided by the Indonesian government to businessmen from Jordan and Palestine to do business in Indonesia,” said one businessman from Jordan.

The economic and investment promotion activities of the Indonesian Embassy in Amman through the Business Dinner were attended by around 150 top Jordanian and Palestinian businessmen, including a number of leaders of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jordan and Palestine, the President of the Business Association, and the Friendship Association.

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