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ArsiaNews -“Indonesia is among the world’s top coffee exporters and famous for its well-known specialty coffees, and one of them is ‘Kopi Luwak’, which will cost you US$ 40 per cup for the best grade”, said the Indonesian Ambassador Andy Rachmianto during the opening of Indonesian Coffee Promotion, organized by the Indonesian Embassy and the Indonesian National Agency for Creative Economy at Intercontinental Hotel Amman (31/8).

The event gathers around 150 representatives from Jordan’s famous Café shop owners, associations, buyers and coffee lovers. The President of the Indonesia-Jordan Business Council (IJBC), Mayra Andrea, and the President of the Jordan-Indonesian Friendship Association (JIFA), Amb. Luay Khasman, also present at the event.

According to Mr. Syafrudin, a coffee expert from Indonesian Specialty Coffee Association, “beside Luwak Coffee… Indonesia has 38 types coffee with different taste and characteristics, like Sumatra, Toraja Aceh, and Mandailing coffee. These coffees have been getting more popular recently in the Middle East”.

The event gives the audience a chance to taste the richness of Indonesian coffees. Two coffee experts and representatives from the Base Cafe Abdoun, Rami and Diana take the opportunity to taste 10 different varieties of Indonesian coffee. According to them, their top favorite Indonesian coffee are: (i) Arabica Flores Manggarai Fully washed, (ii) West Sumatra Arabica Kajai Equator, (iii) Flores Arabica Natural Process (wine taste), and (iv) Sumatra Arabica Aceh Gayo.
“These coffees are really prospective to penetrate Jordan’s market” according to Ramzi.

The Indonesian Embassy organizes the event as part to promote its coffee comodity in Jordan. “I’ve visited many famous coffee corners in Amman, but many of them still foreign to Indonesian Coffee. Therefore, we want to penetrate Jordan’s market, since drinking coffee has been part of their culture” said Ambassador Andy.

For the past few years, the Indonesian government is trying to boost its coffee industry through expanding its coffee plantations. With more plantations, Indonesia’s coffee production is expecting to reach 900,000 and 1.2 million tons per year in the next 10 years. In addition, the government is also focusing to increase the quality of its coffee through technology advancement.

There is a big opportunity for Jordanian business to invest in Indonesia’s coffee. “As both global and domestic demand is rising, investment in Indonesia’s coffee sector is needed”, continued the Ambassador.

Luwak Coffee is the most famous type of Indonesian coffee. It is also known for its high quality that makes them the world’s most expensive coffee. Luwak Coffee is brewed from beans that have passed through the digestive system of the animal called “Luwak” (the Asian Palm Civet).

The Coffee has a perfect blends of the sourness, bitterness, acidic taste of the coffee which makes it world-wide favorite. Luwak can naturally smell and eat the juiciest coffee cherries and digest them with their distinct fermentation process to unleashes stronger taste of the beans.

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