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Promotion of Indonesia’s superior products in Egypt’s largest mall



Agri Expo Photo:

Jakarta – The Indonesian Embassy in Cairo held an “Instore Promotion” activity to promote Indonesia’s superior products at the biggest shopping center in Egypt, Citystar Mall Cairo.

The promotion of Indonesia’s flagship product was carried out from 30 August to 5 September 2019, according to information from the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, which was received in Jakarta on Monday.

“This activity is an effort to improve Indonesia-Egypt relations, so that more people love Indonesia and trade relations with Indonesia,” said Muhamad Aji Surya, Chancellor of ad interim business at the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo.

Aji said that the bilateral trade relations between Indonesia and Egypt were in very good condition, with total trade reaching around 1.2 billion US dollars per year and a surplus for Indonesia.

“The biggest trade performance between Indonesia and Egypt in Africa, and this we still need to work on and increase this year to reach 1.5 billion US dollars,” he said.

Furthermore, he hopes that Indonesian business people can coordinate and cooperate with the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo to target Egypt as a market given that the country’s economy is developing.

In addition to Instore Promotion activities, the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo will also hold the Agri Expo Indonesia on September 8-9, 2019 and the evening of the 2019 Ambassador Award.

In addition, the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo will raise the participation of Egyptian businessmen at the 2019 Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) trade fair which will be held on October 16-20, 2019 at ICE BSD City, Tangerang.

Trade Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, Irman Adi Purwanto Moefthi explained that
“instore promotion” is a form of activity that promotes Indonesian trade and tourism products.

“Promotion at the Citystars Mall is done so that the people of Egypt become more familiar with Indonesia, its products and tourism, which in turn can increase Indonesia’s non-oil exports to Egypt,” said Irman.

The Indonesian pavilion in the largest mall in Egypt promotes various Indonesian superior products, such as coffee, tea, spices, handicraft products.

In addition, various places and attractions in Indonesia, such as Bali, Raja Ampat, Borobudur Temple were also promoted at the Indonesian Pavilion.


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