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Two ambassadors of Indonesia opening PA-PPEI pavillion at the Trade Expo Indonesia 2019



Two Indonesia Ambassadors Mr. Andy Rachmianto (Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Jordan) second from the left and Mrs. Rina Soemarno far right (Ambassador of the Indonesian Embassy in Bangladesh) inaugurated the opening of the PA-PPEI Pavilion

Arsia News,  Tangerang – Two Indonesia Ambassadors Andy Rachmianto (Indonesia Embassy for Jordan) and Rina Soemarno (Indonesia Embassy for Bangladesh) opened the PA-PPEI Pavilion (Association of Indonesian Export Education and Training Members) under the Ministry of Trade in the 2019 Indonesia Trade Exhibition (TEI) event in ICE BSD, Tangerang, Wednesday (10/16) / 2019).

In this event PA-PPEI Pavilion re-appeared in Hall 3a in the 2019 Trade Expo Indonesia performance, in PA-PPEI Pavilion not only displaying one product but a variety of products for example GPS Tracking & Telemetry System from (BCTRACK) ,  B2B Marketplace Indonesia – Middle East (ARSIA TRADE) Charcoal (, tatuis, ummu lutfi ranjung (Muslim fashion), craft (arana), sugar ant (Areniss)  and many more .

Companies that are part of the PA-PPEI Pavilion are mostly alumnae of PPEI (Indonesia  Education and Training for Export). and has the same goal, which is to promote products to foreign countries and join business matching to find buyers who are suitable for the products to be exported..

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