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Aceh Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, Build Aceh-Qatar Investment Cooperation

Qatar Kadin Chairman Farhan Al Sheikh Al Sayed: We are Interested in Refining CPO and Coffee, Seizing South Asian and Middle East Markets



H. Muzakir Manaf (Mualem) meets the Chairman of the Qatari Indonesian Chamber of Commerce Farhan Al Sheikh Al Sayed (Photo: Ist)

“We have a Special Autonomy Law and greater authority in establishing global trade and investment relations. For example, oil and gas exploitation, oil and gas refineries and CPO and coffee trade, “said Mualem.

DOHA – After several careful visits to DOHA, Qatar. Today, local time, Chairman of the Kadin Aceh led by H. Muzakir Manaf (Mualem) and his entourage, met directly with Qatar Kadin Chairman Farhan Al Sheikh Al Sayed, at the Doha Intercontinental Hotel, where the 2019 Indonesia Expo took place.

The meeting was originally planned to be short, but lasted for one and a half hours. This is because, the two sides are seriously discussing Aceh-Qatar relations which has been ongoing since the late 90s.

“We, the people of Aceh are cleaning up and express our gratitude for the support of the kingdom of Qatar in the emergency period after the tsunami and the reconstruction of Aceh. Alhamdulillah, we have 15 years of peace, now we are improving ourselves, equating our perceptions and developing future development plans that are advanced and able to interact globally, “explained Muzakkir Manaf at the beginning of the meeting.

Still said Mualem. “Aceh is part of the Republic of Indonesia, we have a Special Autonomy Law and of course a greater authority in establishing global trade and investment relations. Therefore, we offer Qatari businessmen to invest in Aceh, “said Mualem.

The cooperation was for example in the sector of oil and gas exploitation, oil and gas refineries, as well as coffee and CPO refineries trading. The goal is that palm oil production can produce finished products in the future, “suggested Mualem to Sheikh Farhan.

Deputy Chairman of Kadin Aceh Suraiya IT added. After the tsunami, Aceh has sent its young generation to study at international universities. One of them is the University of Gorgetown in Doha.

“We want to continue to foster Aceh’s young generation, so that Aceh’s human resources are strong and able to contribute in developing Aceh and contributing to companies throughout the world,” said Suraiya.

Well, what was said by Mualem and Suraiya was responded positively by Sheikh Farhan. “We want to open the widest possible Qatar for Indonesian citizens who want to visit Qatar, marked by freeing visa applications. Especially Aceh that we know is 100% Muslim. We are glad to establish cooperation. We know that Aceh has provided services at the beginning of our gas exploitation here, “Sheikh Farhan said.

Still said Sheik Farhan. “We are interested in following up the Aceh-Qatar cooperation, so I will convey to all entrepreneurs here to follow up as soon as possible, and most importantly how we immediately start trading and investment between Aceh-Indonesia and Qatar,” he explained.

Sheik Farhan said he was interested in oil and gas refineries and the exploitation of new oil and gas resources. Likewise with the coffee trade. “We want to bring coffee from Aceh-Indonesia in accordance with the needs of the Indonesian people in Qatar, so that the Indonesian people are not home-sick,” Sheikh Farhan said with a smile.

Next call the Sheik. “We are also interested in CPO refineries, especially if palm oil production is high in Aceh, but there is no refineries. We can seize markets in South Asia and the Middle East, “Sheikh Farhan explained.

To ensure that follow-up, Juanda Djamal, Executive Director of the Aceh Chamber of Commerce, suggested that there be an agreement and a joint commitment, so that this discussion could be directly revealed in the action plan.

“Sheikh immediately agreed that the talks be formalized and also conveyed to the mass media. The goal, this collaboration can be carried out as soon as possible, of course this positive meeting can bring progress to Aceh, “concluded Juanda Djamal.

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