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Arsia Trade Participates in Qatar 2019 Indonesia Expo And Collaborates with Potensiana Ecommerce Company



Left (Potensiana CEO Feby M Faisal) Second from the left (Indonesian Ambassador to Qatar Muhammad Basri Sidehabi), Middle (ARSIA TRADE CEO Mohammad Sharif), Second from the Right (Qatar Indonesian Business Council / QIBC President, Farhan Al Sayed), and Most Right (Indonesian Embassy Staff in Economics, Maulana)

Arsia News, Jakarta – Arsia Trade again spread its wings at the international exhibition Indonesia Expo 2019 which was held at the InterContinental Hotel Doha City of Qatar which took place from 17-19 November 2019. This was the first Indonesian solo exhibition on Indonesian products held by the Indonesian Embassy in Qatar.

In this exhibition more than 40 Indonesian companies were present to show their best products such as paper, clothing, jewelry, charcoal, medical equipment, food, IT, marketplace, labor services, furniture and tires. The exhibition was officially opened with ribbon cutting by representatives of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Saad Al Dabbagh and President of the Qatar Indonesia Business Council (QIBC), Farhan Al Sayed, and witnessed by Indonesian Ambassador Muhammad Basri Sidehabi and 60 invitations from the community diplomatic and business in Qatar.

The response of entrepreneurs and the community there was very enthusiastic in attending this exhibition, the Arsia Trade booth became one of the companies visited by many exhibitors, because the products that were brought were various from Indonesia’s best MSMEs including, GPS Tracking & Telemetry System for ships (BCTRACK), A Variety of Bathroom Doors, Doormats (ACRYLIXMATS) Tableware (KUKAWARE), Arts & Crafts (MODUST), Organic Coconut Sugar (AZZCO), Charcoal Briquettes for Shisha (PT. PUTRA BAHTERA MAKMUR), Health Accessories (OMAH SUMBER REZEKI) , Agarwood (SULTHON GAHARU), Therapy Sandals (KAI KAWANI), Bamboo Thermos (KIWARI BAMBOO), Batik (BATIK KECEPIT), Hijab Bamboo (SAVRA by SAURAI COLLECTION), and Coconut Sugar (ADIREJO).

Arsia Trade member products brought in the Qatar Expo Indonesia 2019 Event

In addition, Arsia Trade agreed to establish cooperation in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. with ECOMMERCE, with this potential collaboration, Arsia Trade hopes to develop even more not only in the Middle East, but in Asia and Africa.

Potensiana CEO Faby m Faisal (Left) & ARSIA TRADE CEO Mohammad Sharif (Right) is signing a MOU of cooperation agreement

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