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Omah Ecoprint: Handmade Fashion



Omah Ecoprint is a business that manufactures various types of fashion products using ecoprint fabrics that are handmade and are owned by Elis Kumoro Jati’s mother.

Beginning of Business

This business was started on May 15, 2016, then independently since May 15, 20017 until now with a long journey process with characteristics and good quality. By using leaves around the house, Bantul environment, without other additional substances. All natural and environmentally friendly.

Business Trip

Constraints can still be followed up resolved by themselves, continue to innovate and develop for the sake of Omah Ecoprint’s progress. With the aim of domestic and foreign markets.

The production process is carried out through several stages in order to produce good quality ecoprint fabrics with selected leaves, which do not fade and are ready to be marketed. Currently marketing is done offline, online and exhibition. For production, involving children, relatives and friends for shipping, looking for leaves, production and exhibitions, which currently totals 5 people.

Types of products

The products produced are hijab, pashmina, Bantul and Ecoprint batik combinations and all kinds of fabrics with different results.

Product excellence

Unique, has characteristics and always uses leaves or products in Indonesia. Different Cloth Prices Different Results Results, Handmade.

Entrepreneur Profile

Name: Elis Kumoro Jati

Elis Kumoro Jati

Elis Kumoro Jati

My name is Elis Kumoro Jati, the world of Ecoprint I was in from May 2016 on the 15th. Starting from seeing, asking and trying. The results of trying with leaves around the house, with suboptimal results. With so many tries with all kinds of fabric and different results, it does not stop here. Not only producing, receiving orders for making Ecoprint fabrics, I also opened an Ecoprint learning class. From all over Indonesia, Malaysia and Prague, my friends study at Omah Ecoprint.

Besides that, I also participated in exhibitions held in Jogjakarta and Jakarta, starting with Bantul Expo, Gebyar Dekranasda UKM, Blibli, Kemayoran PRJ, Depok Depok Parang Tritis, JEC and many other events.

Omah Ecoprint was also at the Taman Gabusan TVRI Jogjakarta event, Fashion Show at JIBB Parasamya, Bantul Regent Office. JIBB Product Collection is also used in beautiful events asking TVRI Jogjakarta.


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