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Aims for Middle East Tourists, Dubai Tourists Introduced Sasak Houses in Ende Hamlet



Tourists from Dubai Introduced Sasak house (Photo: Kemenparekraf)

Lombok – It’s incomplete to visit West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), without taking the time to stop by Ende Hamlet. The hamlet, which only has an area of ​​around 1 hectare, is located in the village of Rambitan, Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency.

Treating curiosity, a familiarization trip (famtrip) from Dubai was also invited to visit Ende Hamlet. From the city of Mataram, the journey is approximately 40 km, with a travel time of about 1 hour. When they arrived at the location, the group was welcomed by the Sasak people who inhabited Ende Hamlet.

The first thing that caught the attention of famtrip participants was that the houses were still very simple. Who would have thought, the house was built using only clay mixed with buffalo dung. The roof is made of weeds, and is designed tilted so that guests who visit must bow their heads. That was interpreted as a tribute to the owner of the house.

In daily life, the Ende people undergo activities by upholding the traditions that are still rooted in the ancestors. One of them is the eloping procession.

In this tradition, the man takes the woman he is going to marry. This was done without the knowledge of the woman’s parents. Usually, the run time lasts 3 days. Next, the woman’s parents will make up for discussing the continuation of the relationship to the level of marriage.

One of the famtrip participants from Social Media Influencer, Sapna Aidasani, said she was amazed by the Sasak house. Although the shape is simple, but the way of its construction gives its own appeal to be listened to.

“I never thought of a house built of clay and buffalo dung. Even though at first glance it makes me shudder, but this is very unique. The aroma does not make us nauseous. We ‘enjoy’ here, “he said.

Assistant Deputy for Marketing Development II Regional III Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) Sigit Witjaksono said, this famtrip took place on 1-8 December 2019. Before going to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, participants first visited the Island of the Gods, Bali.

“This famtrip was organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in collaboration with the Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai and VITO. The aim is to introduce and promote Indonesian destinations in the Middle East market, especially in Bali and Lombok, “he said, Thursday (12/5/2019).

Deputy of Marketing Development II Kemenparekraf Nia Niscaya asserted, the potential of the Middle East market is still wide open and needs to be maximized. Especially for tourist destinations that are currently visited, namely Bali and Lombok.

“We hope that Bali and Lombok will be increasingly recognized by Middle Eastern tourists. Through this activity, famtrip participants can help promote it through media publications in their country, both print and online, and also electronic media. We are optimistic that Middle East tourist visits will increase, “he said.

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