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BRILian Preneur Export UMKM 2019, BRI Brings MSMEs Up in Class



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Jakarta, PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI) held “UMIL BRILian Preneur Export 2019”. This moment is expected to bring MSMEs to potential buyers from abroad and increase the capacity and quality of export-oriented products.

Director of Bank BRI said that Sunarso was participated in by 155 SMEs under the guidance of Bank BRI and the BUMN BUMN Creative House (RKB) engaged in businesses such as fashion, food and beverages, and crafts (Home & Craft).

Bank BRI also brings in potential buyers from abroad who are expected to increasingly open access to Indonesian MSME products to foreign countries.

“There are 74 potential buyers coming from 16 countries from the North American, South American, European, Asian and Australian Continent,” Sunarso said at the opening on Friday (12/20/2019).

Sunarso emphasized that BRI is committed to the empowerment and development of MSMEs. One example is the portion of MSME loan disbursement of Rp 701 trillion or 77.60% of the total loans as of the third quarter of 2019.

In addition, BRI currently has the largest number of BUMN Creative Homes, or 54 BRI RKB with 398 thousand members and has held 3,994 training. To encourage MSMEs to advance to class, Bank BRI has a mentoring and training program called BRIncubator.

“In addition to encouraging and facilitating Go Global SMEs so that they have international competitiveness, of course this event is a concrete step by Bank BRI to help the government reduce the current account deficit through increased exports,” said Sunarso.

Throughout 2019, BRI noted that there were 1.2 million MSME customers who had graduated. When accumulated since 2017, the total number of customers who have moved up the class is 5.5 million customers.

“So these three days included a coaching clinic on how to branding and packaging, and how to get halal certification for a Muslim-majority market,” he said.

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