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Indonesia Shows Tolerance through End of Year Charity Bazaar in Jordan



The Indonesian Ambassador in Amman and his wife took a picture with Prince Ra'ad and Princess Majda Ra'ad.

The Indonesian Embassy in Amman, Jordan took part in the 40th Annual “Christmas Bazaar” Charity Bazaar organized by the Al Hussein Society for Training and Inclusion (AHS), Friday 6 December 2019, at Dunes Club Amman, Jordan.

In opening the bazaar, Putri Majda Ra’ad as President of the AHS, stated that this annual bazaar was a fundraiser to support the AHS organization’s program in providing inclusive education for children with disabilities in Jordan.

“More than that, the event that is named ‘Christmas Bazaar’ is also intended by the AHS to encourage tolerance in the majority of Jordanian Muslims towards Christian minority groups,” said Princess Majda.

Around 30 representatives of countries and humanitarian organizations participated in the bazaar. Among these are countries with a large Muslim majority population, such as Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, Palestine, and Indonesia.

“In addition to promoting Indonesian culture and handicraft products, Indonesia’s participation in the ‘Christmas bazaar’ is also intended to show the face of Indonesia as the largest Muslim country with a high religious tolerance”, stressed Indonesian Ambassador Andy Rachmianto.
“As in Jordan, this is a uniqueness as well as an advantage of the quality of life of religious people and pluralism in Indonesia that need to be known to the world community”, continued Andy.

The Indonesian Embassy in Amman again received appreciation from Putri Majda for the excitement and uniqueness of the items displayed. Almost all invited guests who visited the Indonesian booth expressed their admiration for the richness of Indonesian culture and bought a number of handicrafts, such as statues, puppet carvings, masks, bags, wallets, hats and batik fans.

Indonesian Ambassador in Amman and the Dharma Wanita Association of the Indonesian Embassy in Amman at the Indonesian booth

The warm reception of visitors to the bazaar is proof that Indonesia is increasingly recognized by the people of Jordan. “The quality of bilateral relations between the two countries has matured in recent years, which is indicated by the increasing intensity of visits by high-ranking officials

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