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Try the Waterfall for Middle Eastern Travelers



Egyptian and Arabic journalists and tour operators visit potential destinations in Malang, Bali and Mataram. Photo: Kemenpar

Mataram – The Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) invites Travel Agents from Saudi Arabia and journalists from Egypt to take a Familiarization Trip or famtrip. They were invited to visit potential destinations for Middle Eastern tourists in Malang-Bali and Lombok-Bali.

Assistant Deputy for Marketing Development II Regional III of the Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar) R. Sigit Witjaksono in Jakarta, Tuesday, October 22, 2019, said his office held the activity in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo and Travel Agent Companies in Saudi Arabia.

Famtrip will be held on 18-26 October 2019 with Malang-Bali destination for participants from Saudi Arabia and Lombok-Bali for participants from Egypt.

This activity aims to introduce participants directly to the leading tourist destinations in Indonesia, which have criteria suitable for tourists from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This is because Malang, Lombok and Bali have amenities and beauty, “What Arab countries do not have,” he said.

By holding the famtrip event, it is hoped that the participants can increase the interest of foreign tourists to visit Indonesia through published news. In addition, travel agents or tour operators (TA / TO) can sell packages from the famtrip.

Egyptian and Arabic journalists and tour operators visit potential destinations in Malang, Bali and Mataram. They are invited to experience first hand the experience in a potential tourist destination. Photo: Kemenpar

Malang and Lombok are very potential destinations for tourists from the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Cool and natural destinations and beautiful beaches, the main attraction. “For tourists from the Middle East,” said Sigit.

Deputy of Marketing Development II Kemenpar Nia Niscaya said that his party had long implemented marketing through the media and influencers as opinion makers who were directly invited to come to Indonesia to take part in a famtrip.

“Famtrip participants directly feel and see the beauty of destinations in Indonesia, so participants can be more trusted in reporting and selling Indonesian tourism to news readers and tourists who want to take a vacation,” Nia said.

Three journalists from Egypt and two influencers from Saudi Arabia participated in the nine-day famtrip. Participants were divided into two trips, from Saudi Arabia with Malang-Bali destinations and from Egypt with Lombok-Bali destinations. The two groups finally met and ran a famtrip in one group in Bali.

Attractions in Lombok visited were Tanjung Aan, Sasak Village, and Kuta, Banyumulek Pottery Village, Sukarara Traditional Weaving Village, Benang Stokel Waterfall, Benang Kelambu Waterfall, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

While in Malang they were invited to visit the Bromo area, Batu Paragliding, the Lift Museum, Jatim Park 2, and Madakaripura Waterfall in Probolinggo. This destination was visited on 18-22 October 2019.

After arriving in Bali on October 22-26, participants were invited to explore Bali Bird Park, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Ayung River Rafting, Pirate Sunset Dinner, Bali Hai Cruise & Beach Club, and Uluwatu and watch the Kecak Dance show.

The Middle East market is very interested in tropical nature such as Indonesia, where waterfalls, rain and forests are very attractive to Middle Eastern tourists. Photo: Kemenpar

For Middle Eastern tourists, Indonesia is considered unique because it has natural climate conditions that are different from the country. The existence of various destinations such as tropical rain forests, green mountains, rice fields, and heavy rainfall are their main attractions.

This diversity is a tremendous potential that can be explored by the government and stakeholders. “Through various tour packages that have been packaged attractively,” said Nia. SUPRIYANTHO KHAFID

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