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Al-Wanoh Honey, High Quality Honey From Yemen

Being one of the biggest honey producers in Yemen



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It is no doubt that honey is the best drink that has many benefits and is considered an important nutritional element for the human body. This has been proven scientifically and is mentioned in the holy book Al-Quran honey as a cure of various diseases.

Al-Wanoh Honey is a producer of honey from Yemen which is famous for its high-quality honey, so that this honey is excellent for the people of the Middle East and Asia including Indonesia.

Madu Al-Wanoh was founded by Mr. Abo Hani Ghalib Bin Ahmed Al Habub in 1990 has been developing very rapidly making it one of the largest honey producers in Yemen.

Al Wanoh Honey is committed to producing high-quality honey with varying flavors and colors depending on different seasons, for example during the winter the flowers in Yemen vary depending on the area where they grow.

Original honey has no expiration date depending on how we store it properly, the best container for storing honey is glass.

Honey Alwanoh already has an ISO 22000 certificate for food, GMP Level A and several Product appreciation

Alwanoh honey already has in the Middle East such as in Saudi Arabia and in the UAE due to large demand.

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