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Arsia Trade Become Reseller of the Nabeel Parfume Group of Companies in Indonesia

Arsia Trade supports with Nabeel Parfume to sell its products in Indonesia



Nabeel Perfume

ArsiaNews – Dubai, Arsia Trade during a visit a few days ago continued to establish cooperation with Nabeel parfume about perfume exports to Indonesia.

During the meeting Arsia Trade CEO Mohammad Sharif stressed he was ready to help Nabeel Parfume market its products to Indonesia through Arsia Trade. Nabeel welcomed this by providing perfume samples to be brought to Indonesia.

Some reasons that make Arsia Trade interested in Nabeel Parfume’s products are companies that have been in the scent for a long time since 1969, the business has never changed, making Nabeel Parfume a highly dedicated and highly experienced company in the field of fragrances, Parfume which is suitable for all genders and has been famous in all regions. world, Nabeel Parfume’s fantastic exports have explored more than 100 countries around the world, many achievements and certifications, won 2 Guiness of Records titles as well as the most expensive perfume in the world and perfume with the most pearl stones, the last being Nabeel Parfume provides Non-alcohol fragrances because some people of Indonesia stay away from alcoholic perfume so that Nabeel products are suitable for entering the majority of Indonesia’s population which is Muslims.

Those are some of the reasons that make Arsia Trade interested in becoming a reseller of Nabeel Parfume, hopefully with this cooperation will further strengthen relations between Indonesia and Middle Eastern Countries.

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