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Arsia Trade Visits the Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies office and factory in Dubai

ArsiaTrade is ready to become a partner of the Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies to market its superior products in Indonesia



Photo from Hussein Kefel: Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies factory

ArsiaNews – Dubai, On January 6, 2020 Arsia Trade CEO Mohammad Sharif paid a visit to the well-known Perfume Company in Dubai Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies, which is the Dubai Giant company in the fragrance field.

Arsia Trade CEO Mohammad Sharif was accompanied by Mohammad Magdy, the Nabeel Perfumes Company Representative for overseas sales, seeing the Nabeel Perfumes operating an area of 200,000 square feet with a production capacity of more than 60 million units per year.

Arsia Trade CEO Mohammad Sharif on the right and Mohammad Magdy, Representative Nabeel Perfumes Company for overseas sales on the Left

This visit was intended to establish business cooperation between the Indonesian Marketplace market – Middle East Arsia Trade with the biggest fragrance company Nabeel Perfume based in Dubai.

The CEO of Arsia Trade said it was ready to help Nabeel Parfum to market its products to Indonesia through Arsia Trade

Nabeel Parfum is a company that has been around for quite a long time since 1969 and has expanded to more than 100 countries around the world, and has produced a lot of quality perfumes from affordable prices to the most expensive ever made.

One of the most expensive perfume products ever made is “Shumukh” the most expensive perfume in the world at a price of US $ 1,295 Million and broke two Guinness World Records records at once

Perfume for the people of Indonesia has become a necessity that must be used when activities start traveling, working and attending parties. Arsia Trade sees Nabeel’s potential to enter the Indonesian market is very high.

Arsia Trade hopes this collaboration can be established between Indonesian companies with UAE companies and other companies in the Middle East.

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