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President Joko Widodo Appealed To The Defense Industry To Meet Indonesia’s Needs First, Then Export Them



President Jokowi took a group photo after the review and review at PT PAL, Surabaya, East Java Province, Monday (1/27). (Photo: PR / Agung).

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the strategic defense industry market is in the country first if there are leftovers and then exported abroad.

“Yes, like PT. PAL has exported to several countries, I think it is good but we ourselves, we, our market, we fulfill it, “said President Jokowi when giving a press statement to reporters after chairing a Limited Meeting (ratas) at PT PAL, Surabaya, Province East Java, Monday (27/1).

The Head of State gave an example, for example, PT Pindad on bullet affairs, meeting the domestic market, PT. PAL also ships, all domestic needs are met first, then after that it goes out for export.

Furthermore, the President explained that within the existing limits, the reason for the desire to develop a strategic defense industry is for the future to have independence.

“So, it was discussed in detail about which SOEs we want to push forward first and later the second SOEs, the third, and so on,” the President said.

Another thing discussed, according to the President, is related to the purchase of defense equipment, that the defense strategic industry must be given priority first from the Ministry of Defense, from other Ministries.

“For example, if you want to buy a boat, for example, give it to PT. PAL, both from the Ministry of Defense, both from the National Police Chief, Pol Air for example, both from Customs and Excise from the Ministry of Finance, bought everything from PT. PAL, “the president took an example.

With this order, the President hopes not only for orders for 5 years but for those 15 years it must be confirmed.

“So there is our consistency in planning, in the implementation of developing our defense strategic industry, the direction is there,” explained the President.

Regarding Alugoro Submarine, the President said that it was a good collaboration, there was a transfer of technology in the construction of the Alugoro Submarine. “Yes, we hope that at some point we can be independent, doing everything by our own nation’s children,” said the President. (DID / EN)


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