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Bizcom Indonesia Will Hold the 36th Business and Investor Community Meeting

This activity is themed Technology Distruption In The Education Industry in Indonesia 2020



Bizcom Sendra Wong's CEO on the far right and Tim met with Dr. Muchtar Ngabalin, M.Si (KSP RI Main Expert) third from the right Photo : Instagram @bizcom – Jakarta, Bizcom held a routine meeting of the 36th Investor and business community meeting held every month, this time the theme “Technology Distortion in the Education Industry in Indonesia 2020” will be held on February 27, 2020 at Pearl Restaurant, JW Marriott Mega Kuningan Hotel.

Bizcom (Business Community) is a business aggregator platform actively spreading awareness in the business sector targeting the middle class segment. The aim of the business community is to move forward in investment, especially in agriculture.

Bizcom builds an ecosystem for business people through the formation of electronic cards that have registered more than 2500 members, consisting of bankers, investors, business owners, novice founders, and professionals.

Sendra Wong as the CEO of Bizcom said in his interview via “I founded Bizcom on the basis of needs, efficiency, effectiveness and many requests because we believe that our values ​​are right by delivering benefits before taking advantage is sustainable.”
“The new drive from the investment, technology and financial sectors in the field of information distribution. With the distribution channel like Bizcom Indonesia making one of the choices of access, reference and encourage entrepreneurship in Indonesia. ”

Sendra Wong is a talented young person at the same time a young entrepreneur who has high integrity and is an encouragement for young millennials in building quality digital startups.

In this 36th meeting will present a discussion of distruptive technology in the education industry in Indonesia in 2020 will present business people, investors and professionals. This event was filled by Dr. Ali Mochtar Ngabalin, M.Sc. (KSP RI Main Expert) and several other speakers including Herry B. Santoso, Ph.D. (Head of Digital Library and Distance Learning lab at the University of Indonesia Faculty of Computer Science), Amrullah Azmy (Skilled CEO), Henry Sidarta (Head of Retail Sales at Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia’s Capital Market), and Arya Budi Nugraha (Co-Founder & Chief Onboarding Integration GREDU).

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