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Global Village Dubai A Fun Vacation For Families

Global Village is the largest recreation, shopping and entertainment venue in the entire world



Photo : – Dubai, Global Village claims its project as the largest tourism, recreation, shopping and entertainment venue in the World, by combining cultures in 90 different Countries around the World in one place. Global Village is open every 6 months from October to April every year at the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road Dubai.

Global Village was first opened in 1996 at first only a small place along the Dubai River with small stalls representing various countries. At the beginning of its opening the Global Village had 500 thousand visitors which every year continues to grow, registered on 30 October 2018 to 13 April 2019 reaching 7 million visitors

Visitors from all over the world to enjoy the biggest festival in the world with family, which will be a fun year-end holiday.

Here you can shop, enjoy the show’s attractions, play rides and many others that are not enough for one day to enjoy all the entertainment available.

There are many magnificent pavilions representing each country’s icons with superior products that are distinctive from the country such as the Yemen Pavilion which is famous for its quality honey products, fashion bags and leather shoes as well as superior products from each country.

The Global Village entrance ticket you only need to pay AED15 or around $ 4 is cheap enough right?

If you plan to go to Dubai, don’t forget to stop by Global Village, don’t forget to prepare Dirham or Dollar cash, because some sellers don’t always accept credit cards, don’t hesitate to bargain for a product that you like.

Global Village load time
Weekday: from 4 pm to 12 pm
Weekends and Public holidays: open from 4pm to 1am

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